Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ironing Board 'Prophet' is Wrong

There is no doubt in my mind that the woman who I now dub the "ironing board prophet" is wrong on her massive earthquake and death by drownings prophecy.

I'm not surprised, it was, for me a slam dunk the moment I saw her reaction to the media. If you were a true prophet of God, would you not want to spread your message using every available medium? Surely TV is a prime medium for those who you haven't reached with the flyer drop. I certainly would be staking my claim to the airwaves if God has spoken to me, with the aim of warning as many people as possible, not hiding behind some lame excuse of being poorly represented, I would care less anyone who mocked me for my message.

Deny, no comment, block, abuse. The typical M.O. of a false prophet or charlatan.

She should be more careful the next time she does ironing, obviously the steam is causing hallucinations.

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