Monday, September 12, 2011

World Cup Fever

Slight change to the blog layout to support the All Blacks bid for world cup glory.

It's finally here. The rugby world cup has come around again, affording the All Blacks another chance to lift the Webb Ellis. The opening spectacle was a far cry from our last cup, where we opened up the tournament by towing a large rugby ball on the back of a trailer. It was a true sight to behold, thank you to the organisers, for throwing some red and black into the mix for us.

The feeding frenzy is in full swing. It's not always a true indication of how the teams will play each other in the quarters and semis, this early in the tournament it is usually the top teams in a minnow bloodbath. However, so far the USA has got within ten points fo Ireland, the Japanese nearly upset the French and likewise the Welsh were within a whisker of beating the defending champs South Africa in pool play.

It's going to be an incredible six weeks as New Zealand turns on the party. Wether we win or lose the coveted cup, I don't mind. Getting the change to see this kind of rugby, with teams you only ever see at the world cup, being part of the party even in such a small way, this is what it is all about.

However, I have a good feeling that this year will be the year. Go the All Blacks!